Corporate PR

We approach each our Client in an individual manner – this is the cornerstone of a success of every campaign and good cooperation.

Only in this way may one professionally prepare and implement a communication strategy and corporate PR activities. Our advisors are preparing the offer in a way that allows finding significant features of the company or brand and make them stand out among competitors. Each undertaking has a unique style and direction of actions – we help creating its peculiar character so that it stays imprinted, for many years, in the minds of clients, contractors, partners, media and competitors.

We also develop all types of strategies for internal communication of an organisation.

We know how to:
  • communicate the mission and vision of a company or brand;
  • highlight values and features characteristic of a company or brand;
  • create permanent relations with media in a given sector;
  • manage communication during the time of crisis;
  • develop and implement communication strategies;
  • position specialists, experts, members of management boards and top management;
  • create internal publications, such as corporate bulletins, newsletters, brochures and information fliers;
  • organise special events for companies and press conferences;
  • support B2B relations;
  • accomplish all kinds of products related to a consistent image.

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