BZ WBK Leasing
Expert in leasing sector

BZ WBK Leasing

BZ WBK Leasing is a member of the BZ WBK capital group. With its dedicated offer targeting selected professional groups and customers seeking non-standard financial solutions it offers financing of a wide range of fixed assets. It specialises in financing machines and devices, real estates and means of transport. Its offer is supplemented by attractive insurance packages and fuel cards.


Among Poland’s leasing companies BZ WBK Leasing for years has boasted the top number of articles and expert comments. During the four years of cooperation (April 2014) more than a thousand publications on average are generated. Continuous and active presence of BZ WBK Leasing experts in the media contributed to awareness among key target groups of entrepreneurs.

Thanks to many years of cooperation with ComPress now BZ WBK Leasing is a company that, according to journalists, has an in-depth insight into the surrounding, expresses clear opinions about the surroundings (results and forecasts in the sector) and has the best experts in the leasing industry./p>

Raport do pobrania

Project Objective

Build the image of BZ WBK Leasing as an expert of the leasing sector. Provide potential customers and media with information about BZ WBK Leasing offer through:

  • positioning of BZ WBK Leasing representatives as leasing market experts,
  • informing about competitive advantages of BZ WBK Leasing,
  • pro-active communication actions aimed at individual sectors – company’s customers, including agriculture, motor industry, printing, medicine.


Corporate/ Product PR:

  • develop communication strategy and PR action plan
  • expert positioning program
  • media and crisis training
  • marketing of new products
  • creation of specialised press materials
  • organisation of press meetings
  • creation of B2B materials
  • coordination of B2B market research

Non-standard activities:

  • Safe Driving School of BZ WBK Leasing and Tomasz Czopik for business partners and major Customers of the Company.

Other projects: