Finlandia® Frost
marketing a new product category

marketing a new product category

Awaken your creativity – Finlandia® Frost workshop

Communication activities related to the marketing of a new product is always a great challenge. The PR communication plan must be designed in such a way that consumers could notice the novelty and its unique character and also intuitively attribute to it the values the brand is associated with. According to the principle that “the first impression is only made once” the premiere of the product is the key in the marketing process.


The meeting was attended by over 30 journalists and the PR activities resulted in about 150 publications.


In May 2012 the Finlandia®Vodka family was supplemented with a new category – ready-to-drink beverages called Finlandia® Frost. According to the planned communication strategy the product’s market debut was to be accompanied by a meeting for the media. The challenge faced by the agency was to prepare a formula that will activate the invited guests and at the same time, illustrate how the new product got the brand’s DNA.


The starting point for developing the meeting concept was the fact that the Finlandia® Frost cans were designed by Klaus Haapaniemi – an outstanding Finnish artist. Additionally, Finlandia® Frost cans, like packages of all Finalndia®Vodka products, are fully biodegradable. These two threads combined with the values attributed to all products of the family allowed us to create a concept of a handicraft workshop. The partner of the meeting was a handicraft shop Las Rąk Laboratorium Rękodzieła. Under the vigilant eye of artists, the invited journalists, using the drink cans, conjured both utility items and jewellery. However, before they found the creative passion inside themselves they had an opportunity to taste the refreshing beverages. All that was set among the juicy green surrounding the Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw and the art-inspired restaurant, Qchnia Artystyczna, located there.

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