Młyn Klekotki Hotel & Klekotki Sento Spa
Time slows down here

Młyn Klekotki Hotel & Klekotki Sento Spa


Media relations:
During one year of cooperation we gained about 200 quality publications in lifestyle press presenting the launch of Klekotki Sento Spa brand and research results – nearly 8 times more than before cooperation with ComPress.

Social media:
Redesigning of the Hotel’s fanpage – extension of the scope of subjects on the web site, focusing on distinctive posts about the facility, more frequent and diverse posts and activation of FB fans. During the cooperation we registered 40% increase of the number of active fans on FB.

We also conducted projects concerning sales support for the services offered by the Client: issuing opinions and recommendations on changes to the sales offers of the Hotel and Sento Spa, refreshing and supervision of the Hotel’s and Spa’s e-mailing campaigns, launch of Sento Spa’s new web site and close cooperation with the Polish Tourist Organisation in Berlin and Brussels.


Media launch and positioning of Klekotki Sento Spa as Europe’s and Poland’s first Spa facility inspired by the culture and rituals of Japan, and at the same time, a building with one of the most interesting architectures in Europe.


With regard to media relations/ sales support

Communication strategy – „Time slows down here”.

Tools: media relations, social media, sales support.

As part of the project we were in charge of developing the communication strategy of a new brand in Poland’s Spa market and refreshing communication of Młyn Klekotki Hotel. We additionally initiated and coordinated Poland’s first research into Spa services – „Poles versus the Spa market”.

Other projects: