“Quality of Leasing in Poland”
Opinion of small and medium enterprises


The purpose of the “Quality of Leasing in Poland” research was to find out the opinions of small and medium enterprises about the quality of leasing services rendered in the Polish market.

Upon the request of BZ WBK Leasing, PMR Research surveyed Customers using services of the biggest leasing companies (over 27 entities) referring separately to the stages from before and after signing their agreements. Over 90% of SME Customers using leasing services in Poland very well assess the quality of the services provided and the same number of them is still willing to use leasing services.

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Key conclusions

The conducted research shows that:

  • this form of financing is used by as many as 42% of small and medium businesses in Poland
  • leasing companies, according to nearly all research participants (94%), demonstrate a flexible approach as regards matching the offer to the customer needs
  • businesses from the small and medium enterprises sector which use leasing, in as much as 89% of cases, are planning to continue to use this form of financing, nearly all of them with the same service provider (90%)

Undertaken actions

Tools:strategic advisory and media relations.

Within this project the Agency was responsible for recommending the research company, preparing – in cooperation with BZ WBK Leasing and PMR Research – the research tool, preparing the project’s communication strategy and media relations.

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