TFA Husqvarna Poland
The Toughest Firefighter Will Survive!

TFA Husqvarna PolandWith its renown and prestige TFA Husqvarna Poland attracts the best firefighters from the best National Fire Service stations from Poland and the World. Each year this competition is held in the New Town Market and the Old Town in Toruń, Poland. All the challenges faced during the Championship are taken from a real life of a firefighter. A dummy is a victim, unrolling fire hoses represents setting up of extinguishing equipment like, for instance, when fighting forest fires, hitting a hammer is making holes in house roofs, running up the stairs represents what firefighters do when fighting fires in high buildings etc. Each challenge is our life – that’s why this competition is so popular and has a great future. Regardless of the obstacles they have to overcome, the firefighters do that the best way they can, giving always 100%. The participants compete in two formulas: FCC, or Firefighter Combat Challenge and TFA, or Toughest Firefighter Alive.

TFA Husqvarna Poland – is a competition for firefighters from all over the world. The first TFA competition in Poland was held in 2009. Ever since the competition is hosted by the National Fire Service Headquarters of the city of Toruń. The Toughest Firefighter Alive formula comes from Auckland, New Zealand, where first such competition was held in 1988. The main purpose of the competition is to promote ideas like healthy lifestyle, popularize and exchange firefighting know-how, promote friendship among firefighters, build the spirit of sport competition in people. Each year TFA Husqvarna Poland championship attracts the most renowned representatives of the firefighting profession from Poland and all over the world.

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