Sales Support
A new brand of telecommunication services for business


As a result of the market research program the Client managed to acquire more than 100 sales leads. The Client gained direct contacts from people responsible for purchasing SME services that declared to be interested in the ASTER BIZNES offer.

During the activities conducted on the Web and in social media we managed to identify and actively contact 14 major thematic groups related to SME and telecommunication. As a result of actions monitoring communication of target groups on the Web the Agency got in touch with 500 potential customers of ASTER BIZNES.


Cable TV operator, Aster, at the end of 2009 created a brand of telecommunication services for business – ASTER BIZNES. When marketing the brand ASTER commissioned corporate PR and sales support activities to ComPress S.A.

Sales support actions:

In addition to image-related successes of the ASTER BIZNES brand, a measurable success of the cooperation also resulted from the sales support recommendations – the most important projects conducted by ComPress SA during this period:

  • Launch of a new brand in the market
  • Advisory and coordination of the brand’s online presence – preparation of a web site
  • Market research and sales workshop for sales teams
  • Audit of sales communication
  • Development of expert reports
  • Pro-sales actions conducted online – including thematic groups in social media
  • Participation of experts and sales teams in major sectoral conferences
  • Preparation of communication of the Business Client Support Centre and the Business Partners Cooperation Program

Other projects: