Yellow week
national information and education campaign

The Yellow Week campaign has been conducted for over 20 years now. There are two editions each year – in spring and in autumn. The objective is to spread awareness of threats arising from hepatitis A and B virus infections. By reaching various social groups we educate them on and show effective methods for preventing diseases caused by these viruses. Involvement of public institutions, medical experts, groups of patients and media make the campaign an important contribution to reducing the number of these serious infections.


The Yellow Week is a campaign that is contributing to a spectacular decrease of the number of hepatitis A and B infections in Poland. This is an important social subject and thanks to media interest each edition results in a vast number of publications, wide reach of the reading, viewing and listening audience, meaning education about prevention of hepatitis infections.


Project Objective

  • Popularise knowledge about and prevention of hepatitis A and B infections,
  • Extend educational actions and awareness-expanding activities among new target groups, for instance, a campaign targeting women planning to get pregnant, senior citizens, people planning to make a tattoo or undergo a procedure in a beauty salon, homosexuals or other groups with potential greater risk exposure
  • Popularise awareness of situations when one may become infected with hepatitis;

Examples of Actions:

  • Inviting, to cooperation, medical authorities who became natural ambassadors of the campaign – interviews, Q&A sessions, experts on duty available to the press, videos on Youtube,
  • True stories of infected people, patients after transplantations, who speak about their experiences,
  • Press kits prepared for each edition of the campaign addressed to the media, interviews with experts and patients, infographics
  • Press conferences and individual meetings with the media,
  • Making TV stations interested in the subject of hepatitis: a series of TV programs about hepatitis broadcast by TVP station, shows like Pytanie na śniadanie, Kawa czy herbata, Gość jedynki and health shows on regional TV channels,
  • Arousing interest in the issue of prevention of hepatitis among the makers of “Na Wspólnej” TV series made and broadcast by TVN station – problem placement.


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