Special Events

Nothing builds relations with the surrounding better than a “face-to-face” meeting, in a nice atmosphere. There’s also no better way for presenting a product or service than a unique, special event matching the company’s or brand’s profile. An opportunity of making a direct relation gives an additional benefit, too, in the form of two-way communication.

We may hear, in real time, opinions, reviews and evaluations of the discussed subject. Such a model makes it easier for the advisors to adjust communication to the target group’s needs. Each event is different – anniversary, premiere, rebranding, conference, integration meeting – each one is “exceptional”, each one requires an individual atmosphere, each one must be customised to the Client’s needs.

This is the job of a specialised team of advisors in CompPress agency. Tell us what you need and we will organise an unforgettable event that will be remembered by your guests for long years – and you will build or strengthen relations with and message to the target groups.

We know how to:
  • organise each meeting with the media including: press conference, press breakfast;
  • organise all ceremonies important to the organisation, such as: ball, seminar, festival, anniversary, road show, business meetings, sales conference, training
  • invite celebrities and ensure extra, exceptional attractions
  • prepare and run sports games
  • organise an integration meeting
  • prepare and produce all necessary materials for visualisation and multimedia setting
  • appropriately adjust all technical issues
  • optimise costs
  • engage patrons
  • invite guests
  • manage the whole event – so that the Hosts could easily spend time with their Guests, not worrying about organisational and technical matters.

Our events included::

Picnics for more than

1,000 guests - including the National Chamber of Tax Advisors

Film premiere organisation

documentaries - HBO Poland

The ceremonial opening

In this an international corporation Husqvarna in Mielec and ZELMER company near Rzeszów

Conference Services and media events for:

The unique events included::

The 8th edition of sled dog race Husqvarna Tour, BikeMaraton (Gatorade). Support for cultural events including: Korczak Festival of Theatres for Children and Youngsters

National conferences

including PKO BP


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Other services:


We will help you to select actions
that address your needs.

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