TFA Husqvarna Poland
Competition for Firefighters from all over the world

Husqvarna Tour is an international, mid-distance sled dog race. It is a very spectacular sport, passionate and full of positive emotions. The race is traditionally organised early during the year, at the outdoors of Jakuszycka Glade near Szklarska Poręba, Poland. During this time, fighting frost and snow, the teams must race through a nearly 300km route.

Mushers ride in several categories depending on the number of dogs in the team – in the limited category the team has no more than 6 dogs, while in the open – from 8 to 10 dogs. The third category is ski-jouring – a race of skiers pulled by dogs. In 2015 there will be another edition of this racing event.

TFA Husqvarna Poland – is a competition for firefighters from all over the world. The first TFA competition in Poland was held in 2009. Ever since the competition is hosted by the National Fire Service Headquarters of the city of Toruń. The Toughest Firefighter Alive formula comes from Auckland, New Zealand, where such first competition was held in 1988.

The main purpose of the competition is to promote ideas like healthy lifestyle, popularize and exchange firefighting know-how, promote friendship among firefighters, build the spirit of sport competition in people. Each year TFA Husqvarna Poland championship attracts the most renowned representatives of the firefighting profession from Poland and all over the world.

The 6th championship is organised this year.

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